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The 420 Dictionary of slanguage shares with you the secret alien meanings of over 3,470 defined words, phrases and terminology, making up the Internet's phatest online 420 slang language index. The 420 Dictionary explains terms of 420 slang language, hip hop slang, 420 images, 420 history, marijuana nicknames, and alien underground subculture definitions. Submit your own meaning of anything 420.

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420 Slanguage Dictionary alien explanations of nicknames, words, phrases and terminology.420 Welcome

The 420 Dictionary of slanguage explains terms of 420 slang language, 420 images, 420 history, and underground subculture definitions. Submit your own meaning of any 420 terminology. The meaning of four twenty is being multiplied and obscured by many slang stories over the years. There are a lot of different lingo theories on how the word language was first invented. The overall theme of the history of 4/20 definitions is the image of enjoying smoking your favorite herbal smoke marijuana at 4:20 in the AM morning. Only the real hip hop party goers, rap artists, true herbal smoke lovers, four twenty pot heads and subculture gurus will enjoy partaking in their favorite buzz at this time. Four hundred twenty is fast becoming the secret underground slanguage code to anything to do with marijuana terminology, hip hop slang, cannabis subculture, street level language and graffiti nicknames. Discover what images of certain four twenty wall graffiti means. Find out what hip hop artists are communicating. Every kid uses slang and nicknames so their parents don't know what phrases they are speaking or what they're smoking. Common terms have developed into new slang, new rap phrases, weed nicknames, and new subcultures covering a wide variety of social backgrounds. Come on in and check out all the phat phrases and blazing ideas fired up by people's imaginations.

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Use the navigation menu bar to the left or the above quick look search box to find the meaning of 420 life's history. You've got to check out some of the language in alphabetic sections, they can be fun, entertaining, historical and reveal new images of 4/20 subculture. Feel free to send your own truly astonishing laughter and mayhem. It's interesting to see the different communities defined by the 420 online people living there. Every year the landscape of genre changes so stay current right here. Once your done with definitions, please visit some of our phat advertisers for the latest in Internet shwagg.

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Make history, use your friendly creativity to help this public directory grow forward, you can submit your own theories of 420 terms and four twenty slang words for inclusion in this ongoing 420 Dictionary of lingo. Listen to your favourite hip hop, rap artist or new age tunes and send in your favorite thoughts. Everyone has ideas and slurs words into a new meaning or myth. Don't worry about spelling. Make up your own new slang language with unique spelling. Full of great ideas? Maybe you have a different view of an existing definition, we'll list it for you. Check out the quick search box option on the top right of this page, to see if your idea is here, be known as the originator of a new 420 language! submit your own 420 thoughts.

420 Knew Additions

biscuit - n. - Refers to a cannabis blunt as they look the color of choco-chip cookies.

slamma - v. - The act of smoking down a doob in record time.

kickin - adj. - Describes the fatty goodness of marijuana, "That cheese weed was kickin, my head hurts."

crunk - adj. - Having a good time being stoned and drunk. "While I was drunk my head was crunk."

wigity aka wack - adj. - Crazy happening, "That chick was wigity on the dance floor."

fo shizzle - v. - For sure, definiately, popular slang for the Snoop Dog.

roll out - v. - "I'm leaving this place, time to roll out."

bizzler - n. - Term meaning bitch.

guac - n. - Short term for guacamole meaning money or cash.

streetballer - n. - Someone who wants to win all the time.

feenin - v. - Being a fiend about something, too much smoking the weed.

thumper - adj. - Someone who always wants to be the first at whatever it is, "I'll be the thumper to try that vaporizer."s

wodie - n. - Slang for a buddy or toke partner, also refers to a homie.

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April 20 at 4:20am of every calendar year is the official Four Twenty New Years Eve celebration. Cheers to all, may your joints be phat and your whiskey flow like water. Be sure to smoke your finest marijuana on this underground national day. Start the fun, begin your countdown today.

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